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On the basis of the full Guide to Successful Fibre Business Models Involving and Rewarding Private Financing, a White Paper has been prepared, presenting key insights gained from the in-depth study of 8 business models for rolling out Fibre-to-the-Home and Fibre-to-the-Office networks. The Guide and White Paper were produced by the FTTH Council Europe's Investors Committee and has been presented on 29 June 2021 through a live session webinar available for the public.

You can download this abstract version of the full guide for free, by clicking on the green download button on the left side of the page.

Make your way through deploying fibre

The full guide provides a descriptive name for each business model, and identifies the key financial de-risking features associated with it (e.g. positioning on retail and wholesale markets, clustering of fibre roll-out projects). It also identifies 8 European companies that are representative for these models and that have achieved large-scale fibre roll-out. The concluding section draws-out key commonalities among the financial de-risking strategies implemented to attract the large amounts of private financing required.

The 8 companies studied have become “build-out machines”, scaling-up rapidly by clustering projects in different geographic areas, and taken together represent:

  • 20m homes passed with fibre at end-2020 (>40m if minority co-financing is included).
  • 45m homes to be passed with fibre by end-2025 (>75m if incl. minority co-financing).

What you will learn from the complete guide

While the White Paper only provides a brief introduction to them, a full description of the 8 business models, and in-depth profiles of 8 selected European companies and their metrics and history, is contained in the full Guide to Successful Fibre Business Models Involving and Rewarding Private Financing. The Guide also identifies the companies’ major shareholders, profiles their reference shareholders, and summarises their fundraising operations, including loans granted by consortia of banks, changes in ownership, the creation of separate companies to hold fibre assets, etc. Its table of contents is provided at the end of this White Paper.

The 70-page complete Guide is available separately from the FTTH Council Europe. It is made freely available to all members of FTTH Council Europe and it is sold digitally to non-members at a price of €1,149.50 including VAT* â€‹una tantum


Authors of the Guide

Yves Blondeel - Managing Director, T-REGS

Florian Damas - Head of Policy & Regulatory Affairs, Nokia

Kim Niklas Wernecke - Relationship Manager, Hamburg Commercial Bank


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*This price includes 21% VAT applicable in Belgium. If you are purchasing on behalf of a company based outside of Belgium you will not be required to pay VAT. For all UK and EC Member state registered companies please have your VAT number to include when purchasing